I’m actually really glad for once that EA Markets the shit out of their games. I’ve seen plenty of Dragon Age inquisition advertising on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google. Hopefully this means that they believe that Inquisition is going to be a highly successful game worth pouring all this money into. Also hopefully this means that more people who are not your usual RPG gamer can get to know and love the game with the same intensity that we love Dragon Age and Bioware. If it turns into a big success they will get an even bigger budget for the next Dragon Age games, and from there the sky is the limit.

Anonymous asked:

This is a nice message. Sort of. At least I think it is. I guess it is since I said it was and it's my message so... Haven't really said anything nice though. Not to you or to anyone else. But at least it's not an unpleasant message. On the other hand, some people take offence at anonymous messages so maybe this is an unpleasant message. Though I guess it can be both. Or maybe this is just a rambling message. Neither nice nor unpleasant. Perhaps. But anyway, I love you, take care of yourself.

Well anon not more than I love you. Plus rambling is good, is it? Well I think it is. Maybe this reply to this message is too short? Or is it? Idk we will see. Anyways positive and negative depend on the person. Someone getting an 80 on a test would be a positive to some and a negative to others. But don’t worry anon because for me this message is positive. Anyways have a wonderful day